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Anna Stoll Knecht

Swiss-french musicologist, Anna Stoll Knecht is a Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford, engaged in research on Gustav Mahler’s interpretation of Richard Wagner. Her publications include a forthcoming monograph on Mahler’s Seventh Symphony (Oxford University Press, Studies in Musical Genesis, Structure & Interpretation); book chapters in Rethinking Mahler (ed. Jeremy Barham, Oxford University Press, 2017); Texts and Beyond: The Process of Music Composition from the 19th to the 20th century (ed. Jonathan Goldman, Ad Parnassum Studies 8, 2016); Naturlauf: Scholarly Journeys Toward Gustav Mahler. Essays in Honour of Henry-Louis de La Grange for His Ninetieth Birthday (ed. Paul-André Bempéchat, Peter Lang, 2016); and a study of Henri Dutilleux's Métaboles (Annales Suisses de Musicologie, 2006). Her new research project supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (2019-23), ‘Music and clowning in Europe, 20th-21st c.’, explores the use of sound and music in physical comedy (at the circus, theatre and cinema).